Brookhouser T-Bone Angus
Sterling Pacific 904
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Friday, March 12, 2021
Atkinson, NE

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About Us

T-Bone Angus, Brunswick, Nebraska is a registered Angus and farming operation. Since its conception, we have always believed in a sound, honest cow herd that utilizes grass and crop residue to keep feed costs in check.

Our cows are managed very similar to the commercial operations in the area, with the exception of a slightly earlier calving season. The heifers and A.I. cows begin calving in early February, with the majority of calves coming in March. The first calf heifers are calved at the headquarters then paired out as weather allows. The cows are left to fend for themselves on nearly 500 acres. This no-nonsense approach allows for natural selection for mothering ability and calving ease.

Our breeding program is dedicated to producing problem free cattle that excel in quiet dispositions, calving ease with growth, maternal efficiency, and superior end product.

We appreciate your interest in our program. It is our hope that the overall investment that is put into our cattle will increase the profitability of commercial and purebred cattlemen alike. Feel free to contact us with any questions or stop by the farm to view the cattle.

The Brookhouser family started in the Registered Angus business in 1954 by Hugh Brookhouser. A WWII veteran, Hugh and his wife Alice loved raising Angus cattle almost as much as their five sons. Hugh had a tremendous eye for good doing cattle which made his private treaty bull sales successful for many years.

Mark and Colleen Brookhouser returned to the operation in 1979 after graduating from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln with a degree in agronomy and ag economics. Mark began artificial insemination in the cowherd in the early 1990s and began carcass testing in the mid 1990s. In 1997, Mark and neighboring Landmark Angus held a joint bull sale in O’Neill, Nebraska. After several years of the joint sales, the decision was made to separate, but the T-Bone Angus name remained.

Mark and Colleen have three children, Andrea, Ashley, and Alex.

Ann, Benjamin, Averee, and Langston Small live in Nashville, Tennessee. Ashley, Jim, and Otto Wieland live in Norfolk, NE.

Alex and Mary Brookhouser have been involved with T-Bone Angus since 2009, after graduating from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln with an Animal Science degree. Alex has always been passionate about raising cattle and has contributed to the operation in a variety of ways. Since Alex’s return to the ranch, he has implemented an embryo transfer program, rotational grazing, and managed marketing. Mary stays at home with our three children Camryn, Kendall, and Carson.